Shoprite | Meet Pearl Modiadie

We caught up with the recently announced Shoprite Big Brand Beauty Extravaganza ambassador.
By: Keletso Modisakeng (Bona Magazine)


  • 1. What is beauty to you?

    Beauty comes in different forms for me; one of which is feeling great in your own skin regardless of what the world tells you. It’s not in our looks or bodies, but in our spirit. It’s also in how we feel about ourselves and the people around us.

    2. What’s your secret to healthy skin?

    My life motto is: What you put in is what you get out. This is true in achieving healthy skin as well. The things we consume reflect greatly on the outside! To get healthy skin, I drink plenty of water every day and follow a healthy diet. I also believe in great products to help me maintain that healthy youthful glow.

    3. What is your go-to beauty trend at the moment?

    The no make-up, make-up look! It’s all about the fresh-faced glow and allowing my natural beauty to shine through. It helps me pull off an effortless look.

    4. What is your take on “false beauty” enhancements – lashes, hair and nails?

    I am for it, especially when you’re creating a glamorous look. It’s not false beauty; just an enhancement of what you already have.

    5. What trend do you want to ban because it’s done incorrectly?

    Eyebrows have become quite a worldwide phenomenon, it’s crazy! Everyone is obsessed with having the perfect brows. We draw them on, tattoo them on, shave them off, only to draw them back on again; the list goes on. The obvious thin ‘drawing’ needs to go. The in thing now is natural full brows that are neat and perfectly shaped.

    6. Have you ever explored with colour on your hair?

    Yes! I coloured my hair purple last year, and loved it. Now, I play around with different wigs; my favourite being the straight, blunt cut. I wore this look at this year’s SAMAs when I was hosting the red carpet and presenting an award.