Community food gardens market their produce this World Hunger Day

May 24, 2017

From the community food garden to your local store...

Several community projects that we support, will market their produce for the first time on Friday, 26 May.

They will sell fresh produce from their sustainable food gardens at Shoprite and Checkers stores across South Africa to raise awareness for World Hunger Day* (which takes place on 28 May).

As Africa’s largest retailer, we believe in taking hands with local community organisations in the fight against hunger. Our vision is to enable communities to feed themselves in an independent and sustainable manner, which has resulted in the implementation of sustainable food gardens across the country.

“By investing in and expanding long-term sustainable initiatives such as food gardens, community feeding schemes now have access to fresh and nutritional produce plus they are able to sell their excess crops in order to generate much-needed funds.” - Adele Lambrechts, Shoprite Group’s PR and Communications Manager.

In partnership with local farming specialists such as Urban Harvest and Food & Trees for Africa, we ensure that these community organisations are mentored and equipped to create and maintain their gardens.

The Shoprite Group’s holistic hunger relief programme continues to identify practical yet effective solutions to address short, medium and long-term community needs.

In addition to the sustainable food gardens, surplus food from all Shoprite and Checkers stores are made available to hundreds of verified non-profit organisations whilst its fleet of Mobile Soup Kitchens enables the Group to respond to immediate needs in vulnerable communities.

Support your local sustainable food gardens.

To get a list of your local food gardens, download the PDF HERE.