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Obolon Beer Mix

Tantalize your taste buds with our NEW and exciting range of Obolon Flavoured Beer Mixes. From zesty lemon to raspberry, cherry and even non-alcoholic lemon flavours – there’s something for everyone! Are you looking for a pick-me-up? We even stock an Energy Beer Mix. Find your favourite at your nearest Shoprite LiquorShop.

Viceroy Makoya Brandy

Perfected over 150 years ago, Viceroy Makoya Brand is expertly matured in imported French-oak barrels for that truly smooth taste. Buy a bottle todasy and drink it neat, on ice or with your favourite mix. It’ll soon become your go-to brandy.

Hunter’s Edge Premium Cider

Hunter’s Edge delivers the refreshment of cider from the very first sip, and the full flavoured taste of hops to the very last. This innovative premium cider has a rich, golden colour and a distinctively smooth taste that hits the spot every time.

Klipdrift NGQO Cider

Klipdrift NGQO is a golden, smooth drinking premium cider with complex fruit and spice flavours that are perfectly balanced with the smooth, bold taste you’d come to expect from Klipdrift. It’s the perfect mix for any occasion.


African Dew Strawberry Flavoured Cream Liqueur

African Dew extended its range with a smooth strawberry-flavoured cream liqueur. Give your taste buds a dash of decadence with this sweet and creamy, vibrantly fruity sensation to get the party started.