• Description:

    Looking for some Easter activities for kids? This Easter marshmallow egg s'mores is fun, easy and delicious!

  • Ingredients:

    Marshmallow Easter eggs

    Hot cross buns

    Easter bunny or Easter chocolates

  • Method:

    1. Cut your hot cross bun in half like a sandwich.
    2. Place your marshmallow Easter egg in the middle of the two slices.
    3. If you like extra chocolate, you can add another mallow egg or a chocolate Easter egg
    4. Place your marshmallow egg smore on a microwaveable plate
    5. Heat it in the microwave for ten-second intervals until the marshmallow egg is squishy and the chocolate is melted (this should take about 20 seconds, in total)
    6. The perfect way to enjoy your Easter snacks. Happy Easter!

    *Please ensure that an adult is present for this recipe.