Home Made Fruit Yoghurt
(6 Months Onwards)
  • Description:

    Here’s a simple way to introduce your little one to yoghurt that’s full of homemade goodness, with active cultures that help with digestion and delicious pieces of stewed fruit for great texture.

  • Ingredients:

    Double cream Greek yoghurt (babies need the extra calories and therefor full cream is best)

    Dried prune
    Guavas (fresh and peeled)

    Dried apples

  • Method:

    1. Firstly add the dried fruit along with the peeled guavas to a pot of water and bring to the boil.
    2. Boil until the prunes are soft and easily de-pipped.
    3. Most of the water should evaporate whilst boiling, leaving a syrupy stewed fruit mixture.
    4. Add some of the stewed fruit mixture to the double cream Greek yoghurt and blend lightly. (Add fruit according to taste.)
    5. Experiment with different amounts of stewed fruit and yoghurt to vary the texture for your baby's learning benefit.

    Content supplied by: Anthea de Villiers, Registered Dietitian (SA)