• Description:

    Far from your ordinary pavlova recipe, this stunning dessert is exactly what you need if you want to finish your Christmas meal with something sensational. Large, golden homemade meringues are a treat in themselves but, sandwiched with a nutty crunch filling, they’re simply irresistible. There’s no doubt that you’ll make jaws drop and mouths water with this one. Serves: 8.

  • Ingredients:

    8 large egg whites
    2 cups caster sugar
    1 tsp. cream of tartar
    Pinch of salt

    1 cup Orley Whip or cream
    2 tsp. (heaped) crunchy peanut butter per meringue

    Fresh strawberries or fruit in season
    200 g peanut brittle

  • Method:


    1. Preheat oven to 120°C.
    2. Whisk eggs (using electric mixer if possible).
    3. Slowly add caster sugar spoon by spoon, along with cream of tartar.
    4. Whisk until egg whites are firm but not dry.
    5. Place baking paper on a large oven tray.
    6. Divide meringue mixture into 8 portions and spread onto baking paper.
    7. Bake in oven for 2 hours turn down to 100°C.
    8. Remove and allow to cool down.


    1. Whisk Orley Whip or cream until firm.
    2. Scoop crunchy peanut butter and cream on top of the meringues.
    3. Layer with freshly cut strawberries or fruit in season, along with roughly chopped chunks of peanut brittle.

    Tips and variations:

    1. Meringues can be made up to a month in advance if kept in an airtight container.
    2. Meringues can also be used in a trifle or in a quick dessert alongside marshmallows and cream (called Eton mess)
    3. Use caramel instead of peanut butter for the filling.