• Description:

    You know what they say, local is lekker! The Lazy Makoti version of the South African family favourite tastes like more with every mouthful. This recipe is not only easy to whip together, but will also add a pop of colour to any Christmas lunch table. A delicious fruit-filled desert just perfect for summer. You’ll thank us later! Serves: 6

  • Ingredients:

    85g packet strawberry flavoured jelly
    4 passion fruit (granadilla)

    Swiss roll, sliced
    2 cups ready-made custard

    2 cans peaches
    Handful of fresh mint

  • Method:

    1. Prepare the jelly as per packet directions and chill until set.
    2. Place the slices of swiss roll on the bottom and along the edges of a serving bowl.
    3. Pour the custard over the bottom layer of sliced swiss roll.
    4. Gently spoon the jelly over the custard.
    5. Add 1 more layer of swiss roll.
    6. Pour the passion fruit over the swiss roll and top with peach slices.
    7. Garnish with some mint for a pop of colour.

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