Shoprite | Mobile Soup Kitchens

Mobile Soup Kitchens serve 300 000 cups a month

When we launched our Mobile Soup Kitchens in February 2007, there were two mobile units serving Gauteng and the North West provinces. Today there are 19 Mobile Soup Kitchens supporting vulnerable communities across South Africa.

Each Mobile Soup Kitchen operates from a base store where vehicles are stocked up with bread and soup ingredients each morning before heading off on the road to communities in need.

Each mobile unit's team works together - stocking up, making soup, driving and feeding young and old on a daily basis.

This initiative serves on average 300 000 cups of nutritional soup and bread every month. Since February 2007, over 29 million meals have been served.

Thank you to our partners:  Royco, Albany, Sasko, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Toyota, UD and Fuso.