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Aptamil Pre Nutriprem Preterm Infant Formula 400g
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Aptamil Pre Nutriprem Preterm Infant Formula 400g

Prepared with the specific dietary requirements of your preterm baby in mind, this formula may be used as the sole source of nutrition for preterm infants.
Product ID: 10763345
Specifically tailored for the dietary management of preterm infants, this specialised formula for medical purposes is intended for premature infants from birth. It's halal-certified, easy to prepare and packed in a protective atmosphere.
Product Brand Aptamil
Product Width (mm) 105
Product Height (mm) 125
Product Length (mm) 105
Product Weight 400g
Product Gross Weight (g) 493
Product Depth (mm) 105
What's in the box 1 x 400g Aptamil Pre Nutriprem Preterm Infant Formula Tub
Unit of Measure EA
Main Barcode 8718117611515
Style Baby Formula
Age Group 0 Months +
Usage Instructions Feeding guide: Aptamil pre Nutriprem. The feeding table is based on average requirements of infants. It is the responsibility of your healthcare professional to advise you of the correct daily intake for your baby's specific needs. For lower weights, follow only the advice of your neonatologist. Calculation based on an average of 160 ml of Aptamil Pre Nutriprem per kg of body weight per 24 hours. 1 scoop = 5.6g. Quantity per bottle, Baby's weight in kg - Quantity per bottle, volume of previously boiled water in ml - Quantity per bottle, N degrees of level scoops - quantity to feed, N degrees of bottles per 24 H - quantity to feed, average expected consumption (ml): 1.8-2 - 60 - 2 - 8 - 35-40. 2-2.2 - 60 - 2 - 8 - 40-45. 2.2-2.4 - 60 - 2 - 8 - 45-50. 2.4-2.6 - 60 - 2 - 7 - 50-55. 2.6-2.8 - 60 - 2 - 7 - 55-60. 2.8-3 - 60 - 2 - 7 - 60-65. Instructions for use are available in 5 languages under the cap. Preparing and storing your baby's feed. Because powdered milks are not sterile, failure to follow these instructions may make your baby ill. The baby should always be held upright while feeding. Refer to the feeding guide or advice from your healthcare professional when mixing the feed. 1. Always wash your hands and clean everything used to mix the feed. 2. Sterilise the bottle and teat, or feeding cup and spoon by boiling in water for 10 minutes. 3. Boil clean, safe drinkable water and pour measured amount of water into the bottle or feeding cup. Allow to cool. 4. Using only the scoop provided, level off the powder with the back of a clean knife for accurate dosage. Do not press/heap the powder. 5. Add the correct number of scoops of powder to the water. Adding too many or too few scoops can be harmful. 6. Immediately cap and shake the bottle vertically and vigorously for 10 seconds or mix thoroughly by stirring the feeding cup with a sterilised spoon for 45 seconds until the powder is fully dissolved. 7. Cool feed by holding under a running tap, or placing in a container of cold water. Check the temperature of the feed and if necessary, continue cooling. Once at a suitable temperature, feed immediately. 8. Wash the bottle or feeding cup after feeding. Important feeding and storage advice: For hygiene reasons, only one feed should be prepared at a time and consumed within half an hour. Discard unfinished feeds as soon as possible. Do not heat feeds in a microwave, as hot spots may occur and cause scalding. Never leave your baby alone during feeding.
Benefits & Features For the dietary management of preterm infants; Formula for special medical purposes; Intended for premature infants, in powder; From birth; Use under medical supervision; Packed in a protective atmosphere; Halal