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Efekto Fumitabs Insecticide Tablets 6 Pack

Efekto Fumitabs Insecticide Tablets 6 Pack

Fumigation tablets to kill household insects as listed.
Product ID: 10122959

A practical home pesticide that can help in the management of crawling bug infestations is fumigation tablet. To guarantee their safe and efficient usage, always pay close attention to the directions.

Product Brand Efekto
Product Width (mm) 30
Product Height (mm) 80
Product Length (mm) 100
Product Gross Weight (g) 0.05
What's in the box 1 x 6 Pack Efekto Fumitabs Insecticide Tablets
Unit of Measure EA
Main Barcode 6001379010564
Benefits & Features Releases a fine vapour to kill cockroaches where they hide. 1 Fumitab covers up to 27 m³ Quick knock down and easy to use. Excellent for use in hard to reach places. Dry clean up and does not stain.
Usage Instructions Use only as directed Directions for use Crawling insects (Bedbugs, Fleas, Fish moths and Cockroaches) Use 1 Fumitabs per 27m3 (3x3x3 meter) of space. Flying insects (flies, mosquitoes and clothes moths) Use 1 Fumitab per 27 m3 of space or 2 Fumitab per 54 m3. to prevent re-infestation, fumigation must be done at regular intervals. Method of Application Open all hiding places, wardrobes, cupboards and beds. Close all windows, Doors and ventilators. Place The tablet on a brick. Light and BLOW OUT FLAME THAT MAY Form. Keep room closed for 3 - 4 hours for Crawling insects and 20 - 30 minutes for Flying insects. Then ventilate well (3-4 hours) and Do not re-occupy Premises before The smoke has completely disappeared. Repeat after 2 - 3 weeks to control The next generation of insects or follow up with a registered Residual surface Spray insecticide as this product has no residual action, it only flushes out insects from Their hiding places. For The control of Cockroaches and Bedbugs, fumigate between 8 - 12 pm as this is The time when The insects become most active.
Colour Clear