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Gift Cards

Our gift cards are a simple but much-appreciated way to show someone you care - whether it’s to reward your staff members for everything they do, or to give your loved ones something special.

Benefits of our gift cards

  • They’re accepted at any Shoprite, Checkers or Usave and selected OK Furniture stores in South Africa.
  • If someone accidentally loses their card, we can easily cancel and replace it for you.
  • Gift cards are safer than carrying cash.

Bulk Gift Cards

You’ll be happy to hear that you can get discounts on bulk gift card purchases, which is ideal if you’re buying these for your company’s staff members.

Discounts when you order bulk gift cards online

  • 2.5% OFF purchases from R 2 501 to R 5 000
  • 3% OFF purchases from R 5 001 to R 49 000
  • 5% OFF purchases from R 50 000

If you would like to get your hands on this great way of giving, visit your closest Shoprite and speak to one of our staff members about buying our gift cards.

Otherwise, simply get them online by filling out the form below.   

    • Paper voucher

    • Gift voucher

    • Digital vouchers

Please Note:

The minimum paper voucher value is R20 and the minimum for Card and Digital is R50

For Digital vouchers option please note that the following option is for bulk totals more than R2500

Although this is a convenient option the vouchers need to be created digitally and administration costs are involved:

Voucher Quantities less than 250:

  • R1000 per month, maximum of R5000 in total
  • R1,25 per redemption per voucher

Voucher Quantities over 250:

  • R5000 per month, maximum of R30 000 in total
  • R1,25 per redemption per voucher

For more information please email: